cremation machine movable crematory crematorium lorry trailer

truck trailer crematorium machine emergency lorry travel movable cremator

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truck crematori

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Product Description

movable integrated cremation device. The device has a trailer which can be towed and relocated, an incinerator for burning a corpse, a cooling unit for cooling ashes, a smoke eliminator for eliminating dark smoke and odor discharged, a diesel supply unit for supplying fuel required for combustion to the incinerator, and an electricity supply unit for supplying electricity used to operate the components.


 auto/semi auto/ inching three sets of loading system, two touch screens, with ash cooling function, with primary door, with Secondary and third smoke eliminating chamber, frequency Inverter equipped, multi directions flue of oxygen supply system, stainless steel packed.

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cremation machine movable crematory crematorium lorry trailercremation machine movable crematory crematorium lorry trailer

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