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Baoling Crematorium & Mortuary Equipment Co.Ltd was founded in 1970 to manufacture crematorium equipments, includes crematory machine and furnaces for cremation, also mortuary serial products, mortuary freezer for examples.


Since our foundation, Baoling Crematorium & Mortuary, Inc. has pursue to make the perfect cremation furnace.  We are an international-based crematory company; We select spare parts of our crematories worldwide, only for quality reason. We are the largest stated-owned, with a long history of producing crematory equipment and mortuary facilities.  We offer human crematories, animal crematories, mortuary coolers or chambers, human lift tables, urns for human and much more furnaces for burning.

Designs engineered by Baoling Cremator has not only changed today's crematories, but have changed the entire industry.  If you are new in funeral business or you don't see exactly what you need, let our experienced engineers customize your system to fit your needs.  

Baoling Cremator was the first to introduce fuel saving materials, such as fiber glass chamber, underground exhaust system, which is much better than up-going flue. For nearly 30 years, Baoling Crematorium& mortuary, Inc. has grown to become the recognized leader of the cremation industry.  We set the standard which others attempt to follow.

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Company Name : Baoling Crematorium& mortuary Equipment Corporation
Company Address : Baoling Industrial Park, 3588' FengKuang Road,Gaomi, Shandong,China
Tel/WhatsApp: +86-15807557080

Email: justinxuu@gmail.com



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