Front View human incinerator
  • Front View human incinerator
  • Back View cremation furnace
  • Back View incinerator human

Automatic human cremation furnace negative pressure crematory no smoke 380V

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Ultimate Model

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1 pc

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Product Description

Overall dimensions (mm) 3500L2360W2500H
One-way creeper truck dimensions(mm) 3800L830W800H
Temp of Primary combustion chamber(cent degree)  700~900
Hearth Pressure(Pa) -5~-10
Injection Blower(kw) 7.5
Air Blower(kw) 7.5
Total Power(kw) 18    
Total weight of cremator(ton) 19
Total weight of carrier(ton) 1.2
Ground space(m2) 8.26
Average fuel consumption(kg/case) 3~6
Average time(min/case) 20~35
Exhaust of harmful substances In conformity with ISO14001
Fuel Ld light diesel 0~10,Natural Gas, Propane,LPG


Design Feature:

  1. High capacity - automatically controlled airsupply and damper 
  2. Recuperation - no additional supply of heat 
  3. Smokeless, odourless and dust free mission of waste gases complies with environmental requirements 
  4. Easy handling - one man can operate up to 3 cremators 
  5. Convenient - only a flat hearth to rake 
  6. Duplicate systems - insurance against power failure


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Product Image

Front View human incineratorFront View human incinerator

Back View cremation furnaceBack View cremation furnace

Back View incinerator humanBack View incinerator human

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